My name is Livia Melo

As a Brazilian I bring a charismatic attitude in whatever I do. I am always friendly helping people to feel better and comfortable.

My professional journey is consolidated in 16 years. I am bachelor in Physical Education in Brazil where I have started to work as a Personal Trainer. I used to live in USA where I had my own gym and started to compete as an IFBB/UKBFF Bikini-Fitness Athlete.

Nowadays I live in London and I use all my career, education and athlete experience to work with my clients. My passion is helping them to create, maintain and improve a healthy lifestyle. Consistency is the key to get in a better shape, feeling confident, motivated and happy.

My name is Henrry J Aguiar

My love and passion for fitness and my will to share my knowledge with new people.

I started my fitness journey 20 years ago with Tae Kwon Do, for 7 years I completely submerged myself in the TKW world. During this time, I competed in nationwide tournaments.

After few injuries I had to resume my TKW training and I then followed with my passion of boxing, for the past 7 years I have been also privileged to be able to train and help others meet their fitness goals through the power of fitness and Boxing.

My name is Lena Kalchenko

I did my PT Level 3 course 6 years ago. Originally, I wanted to get a better understanding of our anatomy and improve my training. Later on, I was confident enough to train others and help them achieve their personal goals while training safely. This path took me to my next training to become a yoga teacher which is now my main area of focus.

I have been delivering both private and group yoga classes (indoors, outdoors and online) for different London gyms as well as working abroad. I have got experience with working with people of different levels, backgrounds and areas of life. My goal is that yoga becomes accessible to everyone and is seen more than just a physical practice, but a way of living as well.

My name is Sean Robinson

Began gym training seriously at the age of 18.This led me to training 5 or 6 times a week and typically 2 or 3 times a day. Years later I got involved with a group of likeminded people who trained hard and played hard. We entered and did pretty well in team fitness challenges and competitions. Sometime after this I began personal training.

Up and till today I have been involved in the fitness coaching, teaching and personal training for over 20 years.

My coaching experience began as a fitness instructor and a group exercise instructor based in East London. Class types included; Spinning, Circuit Training (participants of up to 60 plus); Running Circuit Classes; Gym based Classes. Later became a Personal Trainer to a wide range of clients varying in age and fitness experience.